You want to pimp your Instagram stories with cool stickers and elements? Then you absolutely need this story elements. Each sticker is arbitrarily scalable, without pixelating as usual with GIFs.
In this Travel Story Elements package you get 55 unique story stickers around the topic of travel, holidays and travel.


This package includes lettering, as well as frames, banners, washy tapes and some drawings.



  1. FlipFlops (Sketch)
  2. Ice cream 1 (sketch)
  3. Ice cream 2 (sketch)
  4. Drink (sketch)
  5. Starfish (sketch)
  6. Bikini (sketch)
  7. Party
  8. Oh yes
  9. Wow
  10. Bonjour
  11. Girls trip
  12. My journey
  13. Countdown
  14. Let's go
  15. fooood
  16. Holiday
  17. Holy Moly
  18. On the road
  19. Spring
  20. Summer
  21. Autumn
  22. Winter
  23. Hello
  24. Vacay
  25. Road trip
  26. Mood
  27. Best trip ever
  28. No bad days
  29. Swipe up
  30. Tape turquoise 1 (Sketch)
  31. Tape turquoise 2 (Sketch)
  32. Tape turquoise 3 (Sketch)
  33. Tape turquoise 4 (Sketch)
  34. Banner peach (sketch)
  35. Banner skin color (Sketch)
  36. Banner orange (sketch)
  37. Washytape gold (Sketch)
  38. Washytape peach (sketch)
  39. Washytape teal (Sketch)
  40. Frame sheets 1 (sketch)
  41. Frame leaves 2 (sketch)
  42. Frame leaves 3 (sketch)
  43. Frame wave (Sektch)
  44. Frame nude (sketch)
  45. Frame mustard (sketch)
  46. Frame orange (sketch)
  47. Frame skin color (Sketch)
  48. Frame peach (sketch)
  49. Frame teal (sketch)
  50. Frame lilac (sketch)

Travel Story Elements

€9.90 Regular Price
€6.90Sale Price
  • With these story elements you get a consistent appearance for your followers. Colors and lettering are coordinated and give your daily videos an extravagant and modern style. Who has cool story stickers that do not pixelate? No one, so be one of the first to take your Instagram to a new level.

    • große Zeiteinsparung durch gesammelte Inhalte an einem Ort unter deinen Bildern
    • mehr Engagement durch ein einheitliches Erscheinungsbild
    • mehr Struktur durch einfache Story-Sticker (z.B.: Tage und Monate)

    „Der Story Feed ist genauso wichtig wie der Instagram Post Feed".