You want to pimp your Instagram stories with cool stickers and elements? Then you absolutely need these story elements. Each sticker is arbitrarily scalable, without pixelating as usual with GIFs.
In this Work Story Elements package you get 50 unique story stickers with the topic of business, work and entrepreneurship.


This package includes lettering, as well as frames, beams, washy tapes and drawings.



  1. Telephone (sketch)
  2. Scissors
  3. Check 1 (Sketch)
  4. Check 2 (Sketch)
  5. Checklist 1 (Sketch)
  6. Checklist 2 (Sketch)
  7. Checklist 3 (Sketch)
  8. Lightbulb (sketch)
  9. Diagram (sketch)
  10. Bag (sketch)
  11. Brain (Sketch)
  12. Plant (sketch)
  13. Staples (Sketch)
  14. Coffee (sketch)
  15. Pens (sketch)
  16. Post Its (Sketch)
  17. Glasses (sketch)
  18. USB (sketch)
  19. Mobile phone (Sketch)
  20. Laptop (Sketch)
  21. Done (Sketch)
  22. Hustle (Sketch)
  23. Napping (Sketch)
  24. To-Do 1
  25. To-Do 2
  26. To-Do 3
  27. Work in progress
  28. But first
  29. Work Work Work
  30. Work mode on
  31. Boss babe
  32. Swipe up
  33. Meeting
  34. Banner turquoise (Sketch)
  35. Banner grass green (Sketch)
  36. Banner light yellow (Sketch)
  37. Washytape gray blue (Sketch)
  38. Washytape pink poka dots (Sketch)
  39. Washytape teal (Sketch)
  40. Frame teal (sketch)
  41. Frame gray blue (sketch)
  42. Frame light yellow (sketch)
  43. Frame grass green (sketch)
  44. Frame turquoise (sketch)
  45. Key (sketch)
  46. Project Time
  47. Frame snow (sketch)
  48. Frame flowers (sketch)
  49. Frame Halloween (Sketch)
  50. Concentrating

Work Story Elements

€9.90 Regular Price
€6.90Sale Price
  • With these story elements you get a consistent appearance for your followers. Colors and lettering are coordinated and give your daily videos an extravagant and modern style. Who has cool story stickers that do not pixelate? No one, so be one of the first to take your Instagram to a new level.

    • great time savings through collected content in one place under your pictures
    • more commitment through a consistent appearance
    • more structure through simple story stickers (eg: days and months)


    "The story feed is just as important as the Instagram posting feed".